Biography Edit

Reji Sagaya is a young man who was bullied in the past but soon befriended Aoi Misato.

Personality Edit

As a child, he was bullied by other kids a lot and he never really stood up for himself. When he first met Aoi, he returned the niceness that Aoi gave him. It was clear that he liked Aoi but he never actually told her. When he grew up, he had an obsession over Aoi and claimed her as his. He now acts more sane and has a more healthy relationship with Aoi.

Storyline Edit

In middle school, he was often bullied by other kids. It even escalated to the point where they killed Reiji's dog, Chibi, right in front of him. At a certain point in time, he was given powers by Tendou Kodzunu which resulted in the deaths of people that went to same middle school to occur. It was his way of getting revenge on the people who bullied him. He became obsessed with Aoi and brought her to his world. After this incident, he spent most of his time in the hospital but he made a return when the Kodzunu clan was revived. He helped Tatsuma Hiyuu and his friends find Aoi when Kodzunu took control of the Bodhisattva Eye.

Relationships Edit

Aoi Misato: As kids, they would take care of his puppy. They were happy around each other. Now grown up, he still cares about Aoi and will help her if he can.

Maiko Takamizawa: They both help around the hospital together. Reiji seems to have a crush on her.

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Reiji with Tatsuma and the Nurse
Reiji Being Told By Tatsuma Not to Worry